Wednesday, September 26, 2007


One of the things I love about etsy is the gifting culture. Most of my etsy purchases come in the sweetest little packages. Tiny handmade cards, personal notes, and other sweet bits come standard....yet not quite expected enough to preclude finding myself cooing as I open a package.

A couple of weeks ago, for example, I bought these.Which came to me like this:

See?! What a happy little-treat-I-buy-for-me! Hooray for the small stump!

This is my standard bitty packaging:


cfm said...

you do extremely nice packaging fact i think that is my favorite part!

Mindy said...

Yes! I totally agree with you. I almost love the packging more than the gift - or I would if the gifts weren't so dang cool. Also I wanted to say - could you tell your girls to blog more? I'm waiting. . . I check them all the time. Irelynd is planning her pumpkin blog - thanks for the nudge.