Monday, September 10, 2007

one year of sweetness

Amari and Ellee, my nieces-to-die-for, both turned 1 in August. I made them these, still trying to match what their moms told me long ago were their nursery colors.
pink & brown for Amari
a sewing stars pattern
that I love, though I've given away all 3 I've made
& my girls are mad
pink & yellow for Ellee
my own design
it's kind of skwampy (a first-run), but wondrously huggy
and I hear she loves it
(Abby, send me the pics I've heard you have...)

1 comment:

Mindy said...

Yes - thank you Aunt Valerie! It is so soft and wonderful. We named the bunny "Bitty". I say, "Do you want your bitty bunny?" And she says, "Haaaaaaaah!" then I give it to her, and she hugs it really tight, then plays with its ears.