Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I just received this great image. My family of origin plus married-ins and progeny. I love it so much!! The whole clan was together for the wedding of that gorgeous couple on the far right (the extra sparkly ones). We coerced the wedding photographer into snapping a couple of quick ones after the wedding breakfast--in the parking lot--so we'd have a family photo that wasn't so obviously a wedding one. We live all over, and together doesn't happen often enough.

I'm debating who is my favorite and right now it's a tie between Ian and Isaac, the twins in the front row...but then I see that extreme grin on Will's face, and then Marian's little fingers and Jovie & Irelynd holding tight, and Jason goofing off eating leaves... lots of personality here, and lots of people I love dearly. But mostly, this shines: genuine happiness on everyone's faces. I do love those real smiles; they make us all so very beautiful.

So, since the details are crafty and the event happened during one of my many blog hiatuses this year, I'm indulging in a few photos tonight.

I'm the oldest of seven children and this is the last one to marry. As I overheard Marian telling a friend, "I've been a flower girl my whole life!" We couldn't believe it was our last! I got my oldest-sister bossy on and insisted on two things: light habotai silk for our glorious gaggle of girls to wear to this August wedding and giant poppies for the wedding breakfast (which we, the groom's family, hosted).

The silk demand I followed through with properly. I dyed the silk

(note to self: a little salmon silk dye goes a very very long way!)
and sewed the big girl dresses (mine + one).
My mom sewed the littles (four more!).
The poppies my mom and sisters were left to do (they were not travel-on-the-plane-from-PA friendly!). I saw these on 100 layer cake and was just so very delighted. Demi, our bride, wanted vintage washed aquas and warm pinks for her wedding colors, so in a nod to that we pushed up the intensity with bright poppies and turquoise banners and word garland ("And then my soul saw you and it kind of went, 'oh, there you are. I've been looking for you,'" gleaned from Demi's pinterest board). We had a church gym instead of a manicured garden to work with, but the blossoms were just as cheerful inside (and probably more needed!).

Since most of the weddings I go to are as a sister dragging along travel-weary children, I love best to see all of our little ones beaming

and enjoying their aunt-crafted accessories

and the treats (the bluest cotton candy EVER, which miraculously washed out of the silk with ease!)
and just generally having a gay old time TOGETHER.

Even if they have to pose now and then.

Of course, the best part is getting a new aunt.
The more the merrier.
(and oh, this one's a keeper!!)

PS: one last crafty note
wedding bowls!


nweames said...

Those dresses are beautiful! As are the girls that go with them. Reuben's smile is fantastic!

b&j heckman said...

love the family photo. before i read your post i was just in aww of everyone in the photo - looking at all the details and noticed all the beautiful smiles!! wow!! what a family!!