Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, RedWhiteandBlue!

My husband the addicted cyclist is away for a grand stage race in Massachusetts, and we're in our self-imposed exile of virus avoidance, so this 4th was definitely my least social ever. The town I grew up in, Idaho Falls, though pretty small, has "the biggest firework display west of the Mississippi" (so says the sponsor, but really, it's impressive), and our family & neighborhood have a very firm tradition of exactly how the day should be spent leading up to the very loud and glorious debris-falling-on-your face experience of lying on the banks of the Snake River and watching $Xmillion go up in smoke.

My girls were absolute champions today, quickly getting over the disappointment of our planned visitor's trip-canceling cough with our . Each girl chose a craft to lead us in and I was sponsoring 2 RWB food events. Unfortunately my exhaustion set in and we skipped the cookies. And it rained all day and we postponed our strictly class C fireworks fun (smoke bombs, sparklers, and spinning flowers, ah yeah!)

(hey: I can see someone's illegal display--make that our town's I didn't know about but just found with a quick google search-- over the trees outside my window! I was feeling okay with no fireworks, but it's doing my heart a lot of good. I just called my daughter in to watch, but she got bored & went back to her book, telling me, "you should get to bed soon!" But I'm watching Marian's fever so can't: thus, at the computer trying to stay awake and writing weird run-on sentences that are randomly punctuated).

So, my poor-light photos of our lanterns (Marian's craft, from MS here) & dipped strawberries. Audrey did a fantastic summer-print origami fortune cookie with us, too, but I was really really tired then and didn't take photos. When we have light tomorrow, I'll add the finished products.


Braden and Meredith said...

Sounds like a fun day! Way to pull lemonade out of lemons. You guys and your craftiness are amazing.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Oooooooh, those strawberries look delicous!!!!! Mmmm.....

Thanks for the nice comment you left about me on The Crafty Crow. That gave me a big smile.

On my blog, in response to some questions people had about elementary stitchery, I linked back to Marian's last post in which she was busily stitching away. So you may get some visitors from that.

I still owe you two tiny houses. I hope to get those mailed next last week of summer break. = (

So glad to hear that things are going well there. Miss Jan