Thursday, July 17, 2008

everything smells like beeswax

I made up an excuse to buy 2# of beeswax (more on that later), and it has been the mum-imposed focal point of our household for the last 2 days. I LOVE the smell, Audrey is politely enthusiastic, Marian is neutral (which is saying something: she's super smell-sensitive since her transplant, and constantly screwing up her nose with an "EEWWW!"), and I have been interested in the emotions it has elicited from Nathan. When he was a child, his father kept a couple of beehives, and the smell has been bringing up memories aplenty. I'm way into the idea of having my own, but he had rather enough back in the day. And, surprisingly to me, since he is a self-sufficiency superstar, I guess my father-in-law did, too, because the bees have been gone for a long time. My friends Scott and Cynthia are new beekeepers, by the way. I'm fascinated. I lost the link to Scott's beekeeping blog (happy edit: found!, but found this in their local paper:

I bought the wax from, which fit my needs of being (1) small and from-the-beekeeper-ish and less processed, (2) inexpensive, and (3) shipping quickly, since I have a bit of a deadline for the intended projects. It came very quickly and is golden and honey-scented. Pleased consumer.

(AND: just found Scott listed on the same as a beekeeper who will come remove bee swarms for you. He's all over this.)


Scott said...

Thanks for the links. I am still willing to trade beeswax or offer it to you, but for the present, it's best you continue to buy from your current supplier. My ladies are still establishing themselves for the harsh Alabama winter :) and until I know how they will fare, I am reluctant to exploit their products. Next year will hopefully result in extra beezwax, honey, propolis, and pollen.

Christine Xavier said...

these turned out wonderful :)
such a great little gift at the wedding breakfast.
Thanks for all your hard work and support. We love you!