Sunday, June 1, 2008


Too bad I've been spending my computer time researching cloth diapers (I think this pregnancy is no longer in denial phase...good thing since my belly is blossoming with the reality of it all) instead of posting & describing my accelerating projects. And writing about finally being in the same town as a cool indie craft fair (Art Star Craft Bazaar).

Instead, I'll just post this little tidbit I read from etsy today (someday I'll be back...).

We've grown to over 150,000 sellers in 171 countries, and we're just about to reach 1,000,000 members total. This is an exciting milestone for us, and we've made some recent changes to help keep things running smoothly....With over 1.7 million products on Etsy, we're trying to help buyers more easily find what they are looking for....

I was way behind in the statistics I quoted while spreading the good etsy love lately. Long live the craft :).


sallyavena said...

As you are researching cloth diapers, you might want to look into these: gDiapers
They say they are the worlds first flushable diaper. I've thought about cloth, but can't get over the image of my mom swishing the diapers in the toilette. I'm trying to sell Phil on the gdiaper thing. We'll see. Right now they are back ordered anyway for the size I need.

vfg said...

Already there, baby. Can use them with cloth liners (I'm a member of the gDiapers yahoo group & getting hints).

As for the toilet swishing, the most encouraging thing I've seen so far is a little sprayer that you can attach to the toilet water source hose in the back. Like the kind that kitchen sinks have. There is a $40 one made by one of the diaper manufacturers (bumGenius?), and lots of instructions on making your own from the hardware store with the same familiar kitchen sink sprayer.

Or flushable liners for that poopie part.

And Whole Foods and some other places sell gDiapers if the web is out.