Wednesday, May 23, 2007

quilting with the cuties

After doing a quilt project last semester that pretty much came down to the children doing a simple applique on a quilt that moms made and the student teacher designed, Audrey's teacher and I decided they were up for a little more. We just used the fabric left over from the last quilt (fun & bright but a little psychedelic for me, frankly!), and I helped each child design their own 6 1/2" block (for 6" finished). I spent a few mornings getting their fabric cut and helping them hand piece their squares, which ranged from a simple diagonal or four-square to 1" diagonal stripes. Both quilts were/will be donated to Project Linus. Since Marian received a quilt from a similar organization last month when she had surgery, she came into the classroom after kindergarten and told about how much it meant to her. Or, rather, Audrey told, while Marian hid behind the quilt being discussed and shyly whispered into her sister's ear on tiptoes.

Today the last little sweetheart finished her block and I cut and sewed the blue bubble sashing, so the quilt top is done!

I'm featuring these two squares because the girls in question chose such detailed patterns. They sewed inside with me for a couple of recesses to finish up. Darlings! You've got to look up close at these to see the fantastic hand stitching--such variety! I love the wavy stripes they yielded. Figuring out the pieces for the diagonal block seemed like too much work, so I just had her stitch a larger straight-striped block, then cut it to size. Of course, carefully clipping threads so I could re-knot was just as much work as the original figuring would have been...
Audrey chose a classic four square, knowing that her sewing attention span is pretty limited. True to character, it's nicely symmetrical and matching and neat.
This young man had an ambitious design, but about died of boredom in completing it. I don't think he'll be taking on any sewing projects without duress in the near future!
My favorite part of the day was watching my most interested groupies arranging and rearranging their blocks to look "just right." I was rather proud of my restraint in giving them the power!
Proud & finished, the class showed off their blocks to one another, calling out their own name when the teacher pointed to their block.

Next week: binding & quilting! I'm planning on letting them do some large stitches with black pearl cotton around their own blocks. My sister will be here to help :).

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cfm said...

that was so fun! those third grade quilters are cuties!