Tuesday, May 22, 2007

grand find

Our local high school auctioned off some surplus ancient furniture this weekend. I didn't hear about the auction until it was over, but was delighted to see this fine desk for FREE! There were so many and so heavy (that means solid hardwood!) that no one bid on it. Or several others that matched. I switched a couple of drawers around, then my fine friends hauled it home for me and we sat it on the side porch for me to work on. To my husband's shock and awe, I sanded and cleaned and beeswaxed my little heart out yesterday, and AM ACTUALLY FINISHING (okay, starting is enough of a miracle with my "refinishing" projects) IT TODAY! I'm rather in love with it, my new craft studio table.

And am supposed to be working on it right now. One before pic at the top of this post, and more below, showing the stack of drawers and a detail of the scuffed side.

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Kelli said...

I personally, love the table and would be most gratified to find it free. :)