Monday, March 26, 2007

ta da!

No tears, but more than one little dance of joy, to the amusement of my husband, whom I dragged along to offer moral support as I unloaded the kiln after we dropped the girls off at school today. There is plenty I'm not delighted about, but, despite the kiln getting much hotter than I planned (the cone 7 indicator flopped right over, and I was aiming for 6), nothing exploded or melted or fried.

My blue is more of a teal (those duckies are swimming in an algae-laden pond!), my "mottled green" has more texture to its mottling than I planned on, and a couple of pieces had a bit of crawling. I'll do some things different next time, but, still, they're rather lovely. My test tiles for the low-fire underglazes look promising; lots of colors stayed bright. The clear glaze I found online and mixed with some fudging (my first!) worked beautifully--no crazing!

La de da de la ta da!

The pottery instructor wanted me to keep the pots there to show his advanced students this afternoon, but this evening I'll start to post them in my shop :)! (after calling my sister to see what she wants). GRIN! One little peek is above: the sweetest of the new hedgehogs. Below, his purple petunia stamp. More for my wee collection!


Devo said...

I really like the hedgehog. Reminds me of that hedgehog one of the sibs made in high school. It is so cute though! I hope all is well and sorry I still haven't called...

Donna said...

I love your sweet tiny creations. They are so unique and perfect. This is such a fun spot to visit. Love, Mom