Sunday, March 25, 2007

biting my nails...

In the studio until nearly midnight again, working on dozens of test tiles (I think it was 72) and starting my first all-by-myself (no instructors or student interns around at that hour) kiln load. Starting the thing is just a matter of pushing a few buttons, but I'm sure that doing it myself will curse it. I chose the oh-so-custom options of a 15 minute soak and a "medium" ramp. Also made my own cone 6 clear glaze, guessing on one ingredient (eek) and chose to fire at cone 6 rather than cone 5 (my glazes are supposed to work at both temperatures) in hopes of glossier results, though it can also mean melted or pitted (burnt) results if I'm wrong. That's the "art" of it, right? My studio in Nashville fired cone 6, so I think I'm just more comfortable there, although I'm using different clay (Standard's cone 5 B-mix) and glazes (Standard rather than Opulence).

Tomorrow I will most certainly start crying when I open the kiln. A big moment...and I'm afraid these pots are my babies. Tears of joy or despair? How much time will I decide to waste trying to salvage....ah, the you feel it with me?

I really should run tests impatient.

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