Saturday, March 1, 2014

Educational Trip

Self + sibs: a blurry attempt to recreate a favorite 2002 photo, the last time we were all together for my mom's 60th a couple of years ago

Today's morning task: Educational Trip Form Request for both daughters, seeking excused absence status when missing school around Easter for a trip to join this bunch, my mom (Grandma Donna the Grand Madonna), plus so many spouses and kids.

"Please write a short summary of the educational value of the planned trip"

I'm not going to try to make a case for the April entertainment pursuits in Orlando being essential to my girls' education, but I firmly believe that the company is. This is the first biannual reunion of my family of origin, seven siblings and their mum spread between seven states, so also my kids' only chance to spend time with, appreciated and loved and taught by their best educational mentors. We'll have fourteen bachelor's degrees, two master's, and four doctorates, with one just starting medical school and another three years into an evolutionary biostatistics entomology PhD program. There will be three professors, two practicing physicians, one scrupulous dentist, and a successful entrepreneur in our little group, all people (along with the also brilliant rest) with senses of wonder to match their senses of humor, a week-long interactive lesson on how education makes minds sharp, parenting fuller, and lives better. Value indeed!