Thursday, May 10, 2012


I first peeked into Scott MacLaughlin's train room a year or so ago when I was visiting his lovely wife Linda and she brought me back for a little introduction. Scott is a retired food inspector, and he has brought his professional meticulous attention to detail along for a whimsical retirement ride. His current layout has developed over 14 years and delighted every member of our family (even the hard to impress goatman) when we finally visited formally this week.  Marian especially loved the scenery details, 

Audrey loved the wiring (peek here under one of the circuit boards!),

and I loved the evidence of artist-at-work.  Look at this great upcycling storage for "grass" and details!

Reuben loved every every everything.  For the next month, every time we pulled up to an unknown house, he shouted in delight, "choo!"  He was so disappointed that not every house held such good treasure!

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