Wednesday, February 1, 2012

purple petunia Valentine giveaway with We Bloom Here

Margaret Bloom runs a very pretty little blog at and she's hosting a wee Valentine's giveaway of one of my red-and-white birdbath bowls. Drop by here to enter (and find a coupon code good for the month of February). I have a fair selection of pottery left, as well as some sweet candy-hued Valentine dolls I made while in Singapore, including a handful of 1 1/4" (and just $4) bitty pixies. Plus you'll just want to browse and absorb her aesthetic and ideas (I just like reading all the nice comments ;)!). I was completely charmed when we "met" in December. Enjoy!

Happy February!

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ahs said...

loved catching up on your blog. so funny to read about Reuben's Christmas antics. Still crafting away, I see. Love that you got a new camera--you have such an artistic eye. Now where are your Signapore pics and a post from your trip? i wanna hear all about it!