Monday, October 4, 2010

What to do with an acorn? Owls!

How could this have taken me so long?

Woodland animals and acorns are my two best crafting passions, so it really is amazing that I haven't whipped these little babies up sooner. I found a nice little owl border among the embossing plates while investigating a friend's cuttlebug last week, and was inspired to make Reuben's pending 2nd birthday celebration owl-themed ("Whoo? Whoo is turning 2? Our little Wilde Reu, that's whoo!" See? Irresistible!). Last year, I offered handsewing of hippos for a craft, and it was, ahem, a bit beyond the scope, so I wanted something easy. Bowls of shiny acorns and snippets of wool felt all ready for the gluing will fit this autumn's bill.

They're terrible choking hazards for 2 year olds, but their parents and older siblings are still the ones who like a party. Supervised, Reuben is actually rather mad for these sweeties (unsupervised, he pulls all the parts off).

his first delighted peek
the next day, after he lost the first one in the grass & I had a new bundle of them to share
this morning, busying self while I worked


Christine Frandsen said...

My felty owl is all done and totally awesome.
:) Thanks!

Mary Anne said...

I am hopelessly impaired in the craft area (to the disappointment of my daughters), but these are so adorable I might just have to give them a try.