Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oh baby!

Camie also completed Reuben's baby book just before she left. It's been a collaborative process over the last two years (meaning, she asks me what I want, then does all of the work between her own toddler and her master's thesis and...). She doesn't owe him a birthday gift for the next 18 years! I do hope I fill it instead of just stare at it. I have some other notebooks to transfer information from, and so many photos to go through...

Plenty of incentive, now:

Walnut-inked dividersMonthly pages (my request) are each hand-illustratedStab-bound so I can potentially add and remove pages (if I mess them up horribly)Beauty on every I also need to make one copy of his ever-planned-and-never-executed birth announcement (I tried to lino carve it to block print, but wasn't happy) to include on that particular page.


nweames said...

Can Cammie be my sister too? This is beautiful.

Amanda Ruth said...


Absolutely gorgeous.