Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More car stitching

When I think about the HOURS I spent in the car this summer, I'd like to also think I was able to get TONS of work done. But since I get awfully woozy in the car, too, I'll just go ahead and be impressed with my own work. I found that a very slow version of embroidery was perfect: lap-compact, not too sadly affected by jostling, and quick to put away.

Crafting for girls is much easier than for boys, and I have two beloved September birthday boys that I needed gifts for. I settled on little pillows embroidered with their own designs. The project was inspired by one in Amanda Blake Soule's (soulemama.typepad.com) The Creative Family. With colors and themes to match their rooms. And I must show the great backing fabric for the rocket-launch one: count-down! I love it muchly.From ohdeedoh (apartment therapy's children's design site) you can find a how-to for a similar project here, and a great review of the book here.

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Mindy said...

Shhh! Zander's birthday is still next week! I won't show him. But Drake loves his. He was amazed with it, and you, for figuring how to do such a cool thing!!!