Wednesday, December 17, 2008

morning smiles. sort of.

My winter baby sees precious little sun, but it's bright in the mornings in our bedroom. Reuben, fat and fed and rested, loves the light, and does his best smiling then.

Poorly (UN--I'm too lazy/time strapped to learn how) edited and of course not his best work, but this video is a bit of a peek at our wee darling, if you're one of those who wants to see how he moves his delicious parts. You know how it goes: baby is being cute, so you fetch the camera/flip, and return to the "hey, I was neglected!" baby who does not respond as well to a metal/plastic thing as to his beloved mama's face. Even when you do the good trick of placing the camera next to your face instead of in front of it. Because that just makes your picture get wonky/uncentered/focus on the wall. Oh, and guess what? Flip cameras don't focus well at 6". You can see a lot of Audrey's favorite thing: teeny lips in a round little O.

This is about a week ago, and especially for my sister Camie, who insisted on it. Thanks for loving him, even unseen, sweet sis.


nweames said...

So cute! I love how Mare loves on him. Aren't big sisters fantastic.

Anonymous said...

He is so sweet... I bet he smells great... the wonderful baby scent.

Christine said...

what a cutie.
fun to see Mar too.

Meg said...

What a cute baby and big sister. How fun, I sure do love those little o's babies make with their lips.

thirteennecklacedesigns said...

Oh baby yawns are so cute! What a precious video.