Tuesday, April 29, 2008

working elsewhere...

look at me! I finally remembered I have another blog. I'm hoping to add at least a little bit this week (my mom was visiting & took a lot of pottery process shots), but I'm primarily adding to the web infoglut elsewhere:

I'm a Craft Artist
I'm living with my daughter Marian at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for the journey of a lifetime & updating family & friends & random kind strangers--whom often are the most supportive of the lot!--at her blog. I'm trying to keep it still a bit crafty, but a lot bit medical-y, too, since she's working on new bone marrow. Her bone marrow transplant--a blood infusion of 250 mL of her matched-sibling's hip marrow--was nearly a week ago, and going fairly well. You're welcome to come read all about it!

Where Has Your Superstar T-Shirt Been?
We used a drawing Marian made when she was 4 and her own "superstar" title in her support shirts--a tribute to her, her superstar donor sister, and all of the superstars who dedicate their careers to working miracles and encouraging the journey. Hundreds of the shirts are out there now, and I've asked their proud owners to send me photos for our gallery. Alas, I made my last tee order today, so am not taking any more orders, but I will have superstar buttons and onesies (we wanted one for our November goat arrival, so Marian & I thought we'd add a couple of dozen more because they'll be so dang cute) up in the shop in about 3 weeks.


sallyavena said...

Save us a onesie, please!!!

vfg said...

you know one is already set aside ;)

Scott said...

We want a onesie as well. (If you can earmark one for us.)
Our love and best to you.


Anonymous said...

I have one of your mommy vases, which I treasure. Wishing the best for you and your family--