Saturday, August 4, 2007

I missed my house

Always a nice thing about going away is coming home, and feeling at home. This was our first long trip away from our home in Pennsylvania, and I have spent much of this week back feeling grand about being back. When we crossed the state line, I thought the green hills and thick, verdant old-growth forests and fields of corn were prettier than anywhere else we'd been. My house admittedly still needs decorating help, but little details like the rainbow above my kitchen sink have made me happyhappyhappy to be here.

And this new beauty in our yard:The hugest, and shockingly bright, fuchsia hibiscus flowers.

I have loved watching the yard unfold throughout the year, and thinking of the 80+ years of gardeners who have each added their bits. There is always something new blooming, and it often totally surprises me. My daughter always marvels at how "you know the name of every single plant we ever see!", but I know the truth: I have much to learn.


Marisa said...

Your flowers are very nice. I have a dark purple hibiscus that is not super happy right now...maybe I need to talk to it more or something.

vfg said...

thank you ;)
I can't accept any credit, though--they were here before me

audrey.annette said...

I did to.

Mindy said...

I really love your house, too. When I was there, it felt very cozy and quite charming. I love the decorating that you've done - especially that windowsill rainbow.